Do you ever have those moments when you’d like to pick up the phone and talk to God?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a direct line to our Heavenly Father to ask for advice: Should I move to Nashville and become a country singer; Should I marry this guy (although he hates dogs and I love them!)?

We could also ask totally irrelevant questions: Should I get bangs; What should I make for dinner; How can I get my dog to pee in the toilet — don’t laugh!  There are dozens of videos on social media.

Of course we’d list God in our “Favorites” on our phone, along with our spouses, parents and BFF.  (Yes, God would be at the top of the list!). He would console us when, no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to be going right in our lives.

When we’ve lost a loved one, a friend is ill, or when there seems to be a heaviness in our steps. Are we living out our purpose? Instead of hop-skipping through life, we seem to be jumping from one tribulation to another, and at this very moment we feel anything but happy.

In the television game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, contestants can “phone a friend” when they get stuck on an answer. “I’d like to call God,” I’d say.  I imagine a deep, thunderous voice coming over the speakers in the studio roaring, “You can talk to me anytime, dear child.  You just don’t listen”.

If your heart’s desire is to discern God’s voice, fulfill your purpose, and tap into the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, please join me at 5pm central Thursday, November 11 for a LIVE event that will help you discover peace of mind, better health, and lasting happiness!

Faith-based Life Coach and Author Niccie Kliegl and I are co-hosting our final ReAwaken Your Legacy 90 minute session. Learn how to live more mindfully and listen to God.

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