Shemane’s Newsletter Update – July 15, 2019

    I got jumped in Chicago & it was awesome!! 😳😎 If anyone knows who these street performers are, please DM me and tag them on this. They really have a great show! #chicagostreetperformers #chicago   Man...I’m already missing this place. The beach...

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Shemane’s Newsletter Update – July 8, 2019

    Something exciting happened!   Thought these hats were cute: Dogs Make Me Happy!       My idea of a party! On this holiday, I’m focusing on self-care. I got a massage & am currently wearing some sort of gold undereye mask...

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Shemane’s Newsletter Update – July 1, 2019

    Hear about my message from God   Goodness! I’ve been barreling through revisions for my book and I keep adding more...more life-changing information that will help you feel healthier & happier....more about dealing with difficult people...more...

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Shemane’s Newsletter Update – June 24, 2019

    When I was working at a radio station in Detroit as the traffic reporter, (WLLZ - for inquiring minds), a coworker seemed to snarl at me whenever we crossed paths. I’d smile anyway, and say HI! But she’d walk by, grumbling. One day, I finally asked her...

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Shemane’s Newsletter Update – June 17, 2019

    Toxic Mold Do you know the Enneagram? It’s not just a personality typing system, it is a pathway to finding your purpose and to becoming the very best version of YOU, possible. I’m not perfect. Far from it, girlfriend, but I want to be better, stronger,...

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Shemane’s Newsletter Update – June 10, 2019

    Had such a great time hanging with Erin Brockovich and hearing about how she & so many other women are stepping up, empowering each other and cleaning up the water in communities in the US & all over the world. Check...

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Newsletter Update: Lighten Up For Summer!

Hey gorgeous! Summer is almost here! Are you ready for shorts and…. a bathing suit? Not yet? Here’s a brand new fitness and healthy lifestyle program that will help you get toned and feel more confident fast! I understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the...

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On this International Women’s Day

In every cell of my body, I want to empower other women to move beyond whatever obstacles they feel hold them back. To encourage them to remove the shackles and live the life that they’re meant to live. Girlfriend, I want YOU to spread your light, your sunshine and do...

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Don’t forget the Veggies today!

Don’t forget the veggies today! My top tips to avoid overeating on Super Bowl day - or any day: 1. Fill up on veggies - without the dip! Before you dive into the massive pile of chips, refried beans, cheese and guac, commit to having a few raw carrots and celery. 3....

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WEEKLY UPDATE – February 4, 2019

Is this as good as it gets?🤔 Great class today with former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders choreographer Stephanie Dibiase-Wheat & Crunch Instructors! Got lots of ideas for my Zumba class! It’s fun to have fun! #danceislife #dancingasfastasican #fitnessmotivation...

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