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Educational Tidbits:

Learning / Educational

WARNING: I’m half-naked! There’s a reason, though. Ever since I was diagnosed with having pre-emphysema after toxic mold exposure, I’ve been on the lookout for all-natural, healing remedies. Well, I’ve found something that works! (when you’re only wrapped in a towel!)

YouTube Workout:

Many people have asked me to put my 10 Minute Workouts on Youtube, so I did! Check it out here:

And people love them! Here’s what they’re saying:

Thad Redmond · “You are so vibrant and bubbly….go girl”

“Hi Shemane, I just adore you and your spirit for wanting to help others. I’ve really been excited and over the moon with your 10 minute workouts. Your dedication, motivation and inspiration have been just what I’ve needed. I think you’re Shamazing…. with so much respect and love,” Laura 

Rhonda Luoma ·  “You are amazing. Thank you for everything you do.”

Terrie Sargent Snow ·  “The 10min work outs have helped me a lot!!!! Thanks from N.C.”

Kimberley Orloski ·  “You are so sweet, caring, wanting to change lives! God bless you Shemane, from MI.”

Steve Ridgeway · “I shared you on my trucking page Nice Road Truckers because your exercises can be done inside trucks. Helping truckers get fit!”

Shelly Fradkin · “You are so awesome for doing these. It’s a game changer for me. I work from home and I need a good plan and some motivation to get off my behind and move every few hours. What you are doing is perfect for me and I am sure countless others out there! You are the best Shemane!”

Social Snaps:

#tbt I really can’t believe I used to dance on stage at my husband’s rock ‘n’ roll concerts in front of tens of thousands of people – 60,000 at the Swedish Rock Festival once! And when I was between the ages of 48-52! Crazy! But here’s why I did it:
I was diagnosed with having pre-emphysema from toxic mold exposure. I lost a year of my life. And when I was fortunate enough to recover, I felt grateful & unstoppable. Now, I never take my health for granted and I’m on a mission from God to share my passion for healthy living with others, to inspire and motivate people to make their health a priority. *Do something every day, walk,run, stretch, swim…
*Eat healthy at least 80% of the time, allow a few indulgences 20%
*Never miss a chance to dance!
#rockandroll #dance #zumba #fitness#fitnessmotivation #inspiration #happiness#health #healthyliving#makeamericahealthyagain

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Health & Fitness:

FitnessDrum  work out!

Fun & Family:

Happy National Puppy day!! #nationalpuppyday #dogs #dogsofinstagram


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Food Inspirations:

Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, capers, avocado, and potatoes, mashes & fried to look like a waffle! Amazing brunch!
#dallas #food #foodporn #instafood #savor #foodie #foodiegram

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Wise Words to Live By:

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else..It’s about being better than you used to be”


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I’m Shemane, I’m an ambassador for healthy living, I am an International Fitness Presenter and have been a group exercise instructor for more than 40 years.





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