Educational Tidbits:

LearningRock your video! Email me at [email protected]

Social Snaps:

Social Snaps

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Well we can’t spend every minute of our day doing fun things, try to fit in a few minutes, maybe four! Doing the things that makes your heart sing. You will be happier and so will the people in your life!

try to fit in a few minutes

Fun & Family:

FUn FAmilyHow about a Throwback Tuesday!? I love this photo of Rocco as a toddler and his dad on stage.
Ted & Rocco

So amazing to hold this precious baby in my arms!

baby in may arms

Food Inspirations:

FoodOur little snack turned into a meal! Salmon, tomatoes, avocado, basil, olive oil, salmon spread, caviar, salt & pepper, balsamic vinegar, burrata = yum!
Our little snack turned into a meal

Wise Words to Live By:

Motivational Quote“God danced the day you were born.”
God Danced the day you were born

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