Educational Tidbits:

LearningThis week I wanted to share a personal story with you. I was born and raised a people-pleaser and I allowed others to take advantage of me and treat me disrespectfully.  Fortunately, my personal growth journey seems to be on a fast-forward track during this past year. One reason is because of candid discussions with my friend April O’Leary, who is a Life Coach. In my new podcast, April and I chat about toxic relationships and playing the victim role rather than taking ownership of our behavior.  Growing up, I remember wanting to be liked and winning the approval of my family and friends.  That mentality ultimately cultivated low self-esteem, jealousy and even depression.  Now, I still struggle with those things, but after loooooooong discussions with April, reading her book, “Ride the Wave” and developing my own tools and techniques for happiness, I’m getting stronger and more confident every day!

Social Snaps:

Social SnapsWe celebrated our nation’s Independence Day not with a barbecue, but inspiring others to give back to those who have fought and are still fighting for us to be free.  Ted and I are on the board of directors for Operation Finally Home – a non-profit organization that provides mortgage-free homes for veterans.
Independence Day 2017

Fun and Family: Kids and Dogs

Cuteness AlertMy dog Happy has a killer instinct and can even climb trees after those darn squirrels!  But he’s afraid of thunder!  Sometimes tough guys need a little TLC too!
Somebody is afraid of thunder.

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