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Social Snaps:

Super excited to see the amazing Alvie Shepherd! He is such an inspiration to so many! #isagenix

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Health & Fitness:

FitnessSo much fun spinning with the Naples Isagenix peeps at @cycleguroo ! #isagenix #teamisagenix #spinning #cycle#ampednox

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Fun & Family:

Wow! Time flies! 29 years ago today Ted and I were married. Love you, baby. #anniversary #marriage #family

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Food Inspirations:

Thai Basil Signature!

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Wise Words to Live By:

“There are countless souls around us who drag themselves along in life carrying the weight of hurt on thei backs as bitterness torments the existence of any form of happiness in their hearts. Many of those people have the most beautiful smiles and have the best life the naked eyes can see.”

Each one of us has a suitcase that’s too heavy at times. We compensate by leaning to the opposite side— making excuses, blaming others, etc.. but that sack is ours to carry until we figure out how to dump the excess sh*t that no longer serves us. Every day is an amazing opportunity for us to extract an article that is burdensome and Lighten our load. Is there some hurt that you’ve been unnecessarily carrying that causes bitterness? Close your eyes. Ask God to show you a different way of looking at the situation or person. Forgive. Trust me, I know it’s not easy. I’ve carried suitcases around for far too long that remind of a painful past. I pray for guidance to see things differently. To see people as light and love. And to try again. None of us are perfect, but we can each carry less baggage and soften our hearts. 💕 #mindset #spiritjunkie #spirit #spiritualawakening #acourseinmiracles #positivevibes

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