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Weekly Update

Educational Tidbits:

Learning / Educational Happy tips and something you might not know about us.

Social Snaps:

Have you ever wanted to try live stream video but were afraid? Or you already GO LIVE but you’re looking for tips and tricks to really rock it? Whether you have a product or service you want to promote, or you just want to share live stream videos with your family and friends, check out my FREE live stream video training with simple tips on how to look & sound your best and gain more confidence! I have been in the broadcasting industry for 40 years, featured on VH1, MTV, CMT, Discovery, FOXNews, Outdoor Channel and many more…and I’ve learned a few things I’d love to share!

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Health & Fitness

Fitness The latest on my healthy living journey… An infrared bed! I love functional medicine and how it heals the body naturally. #Sauna #Infrared #Healing #Natural #health #healthyaging

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Fun & Family:

Always love spending time with this pretty lady! #family

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Food Inspirations:

Boom!! These superfood protein shakes have changed my life! Cannot wait for the new flavor! Limited supply. Get it while it’s hawt! DM me if you want some! #isagenix #supernatural #superfood #healthyaging #healthyfood #healthybreakfast

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Wise Words to Live By:

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time you had laugh-out-loud (lol) FUN? Laughter lowers blood pressure and increases feel-good hormones. Play with kids or pets, dance or on your next walk try skipping! It might bring back some fun memories! #playtime #fun #Happiness #happiness tips #healthyliving

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  1. Jay Dittmar

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  2. Lorraine hutson

    Shemane, will your help promote are rally?we had asked if your husband if he could attend our rally, but it sounds as if he is so busy. We love our country many are Veterns and we just want to be super patriots hopefully unifying peopke. Moar rally sep 15,2018 national mall dc


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