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Please be aware of chemicals & pesticides used in your home or office. This family was on vacation and now they are fighting for their lives.

I understand all too well what that’s like. 

We became chemically sensitive after our home (featured on MTV Cribs) was contaminated with toxic mold between the walls.  We never saw anything. It happened because of faulty building. Sadly, we lost our home and everything in it including Ted’s rock ‘n roll memorabilia and Rocco’s baby pictures.  What’s worse, we all got very sick. Ted and I had 4 different types of mold in our bloodstreams.  Rocco had severe asthma.  Our immune systems were destroyed.  I was on oxygen and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs if my life depended on it.  

I decided to go the natural route for recovery rather than further poison myself with more chemicals that would only cover the problem.  It took a year of alternative remedies like vitamin IVs, infared saunas and oxygen to heal…and I’m still recovering.  Every time I encounter pesticides or chemicals I get a migraine.

Now, I am basically the canary in a coal mine and am sensitive to just about everything: scented candles, potpourri, that “new car smell” which is off-gassing of chemicals, fabric softener (especially Downy), chemical cleaners and so much more.  I can walk into a home or building and instantly feel like I’ve been hit by a truck; headache, weakness, heart palpitations – all because of chemicals.  I can tell if a candle has chemically scented fragrance or uses natural essential oils. (I use Young Living Essential Oils only!)

At times I wonder if the reason we lost our MTV Cribs home and everything in it was so  I can speak out about chemical sensitivity and toxic mold contamination.  If it can happen to us, it can happen to you.  

Recognize the signs.  If you recently moved and suddenly have allergies or flu-like symptoms, it could be the indoor air quality. Don’t second guess your instincts.  Doctors said my migraines were due to stress (do you know who my husband is?!).  We travel often and are constantly on the go, so I wondered if that was truly the case.  The light-bulb moment occurred when we traveled to London and I slept like a baby.  I felt great!!  When we returned to our home, the symptoms reappeared. 

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, research your symptoms on the Internet and talk to several doctors. Don’t give up!  Keep yourself and your family healthy.  

Sending prayers to this family that was poisoned by pesticides.


  1. joseph hebert jr

    By God, how does that mold stuff happen? Does it happen all the time, or almost never?

    • Shemane Nugent

      Mold growth can happen anywhere you have a pours substance, lack of ventilation and water infiltration.

      • Dawn Bunsick

        So sorry what you had to go through. I was a ER. RN for 25 +yrs. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia after over 13 doctors but didn’t give up. Found holistic dr. Blood tests + home+ for various toxic molds husband and children sick as well but I’m the worse bedridden in a wheelchair. J u st found out. Your story gave us some hope since we are family hunters and big fans. Thank you so very much for sharing.
        Dawn B

        • Shemane Nugent

          Hi Dawn!
          I’m sorry for what you & your family are going through too. I’m glad that my blog helped bring you some hope. I understand what you’re going through but remain vigilant! The human body has an amazing ability to heal! Many blessings to you.

  2. Carole A. Gaulden

    Shemane, When I told Tasha Lee about somewhat recent happenings in my life, asthma, advair affecting eye pressure by raising it from a stable 12 up to 18 in 5 weeks. I have a problem walking one flight of stairs. I’m having my carpet pulled up and replaced with a synthetic carpet and breathable pad. There could be a mold problem on cement or bottom of wall since I did have a water leak at one window. Due to a recent fall on wood laminate I’m afraid of wood or tile floors so am guessing that leaves only carpet. I’m 80 and this is 3rd time for asthma with each time lasting 8-12 years with bronchitis and pneumonia every once in awhile. If you have any suggestions they would be welcomed. I’ll also need a new vacuum with Hepa filter , not too heavy, that I can use under beds and couches. I thank you in advance for any advice.

    • Shemane Nugent

      So sorry to hear about your health problems. Always get a second opinion from a trusted source in the building industry. It’s hard for me to suggest something without seeing the room in person, but I would definitely steer clear of carpet. It will off gas for years causing headaches & flu-like symptoms. Plus, you can’t really see the dirt, pet hair or anything microscopic between the carpet fibers. Using small throw rugs with a rubber backing to prevent slips might be your best bet. No laminates please! Especially if you have asthma. Laminates have high formaldehyde content. If it were me, I’d stick with tile, cement or solid wood floor.
      Hope that helps!

  3. Pete Miller

    I wonder if some of this is Mildew Rather Than Mold……And if Mildew Turns into Mold ….Etc….You have got to get A Handle on the mildew if you see it…..And Also if you Mink oil your Leather…..Not All Mink Oil Is Reallly What it Says it is …..And Will Mold up And destroy Your Leather Goods,Boots etc….

    • Shemane Nugent

      Mildew is a form of mold. Stop it all before it starts.
      Great info about the mink oil. Thanks!

  4. Doug greene

    I left a message once before we need your help with toxic mold in mobile home will you help us please contact me 843-246-4772

    • Shemane Nugent

      I’m sorry. I don’t do private consultations. Hope you find the help you need.

  5. sheryl dollens

    can u advise me what to do i lost one home and contents to toxic mold and the stress of it all and me ending up disabled because it destroyed my immune system and etc ended up loosing my marriage of 23 yrs. now i live in apt and had flooding and they left it wet for over a week and had previous damage i have learned also i started inspecting it and found growth all in attic bathroom cabinets and under dishwasher, i hav a handdicap child too whos coughing i am permanently diabled nurse now at end of my rope. my dog is even sick on antifungals and im to sick to move and apt is doing nothing. i need legal advise. my firt home was brand new and the builder covered leak with extra sheetrock over yrs it seeped and seeped slowly eating wood in structures my kids were very sick asthma headaches etc and i developed ongoing immune problems now this im desperate for advise

    • Shemane Nugent

      I’m so sorry Sheryl. 1st, you have to get out of the house. Do a mold test before moving into the next one. All of this costs $, as you know, but you’ll never get better if you don’t remove the source.
      Use an anti fungal diet. Bulletproof coffee w/coconut oil and grass fed butter. Infrared sauna, vitamin IV and oxygen.
      I’m going to do a webinar about what to do.
      I’ll be praying for you.


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