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We all know the basics of banking; you cannot withdraw money you don’t have in your account.  What if we looked at our bodies as bank accounts and the healthy choices we make as money deposited into our account?  Every time you exercised, ate healthy meals, slept well and had a positive mental attitude you’d receive more cash flow!  But all the unhealthy choices, like smoking, excessive drinking, too much stress and lack of sleep would be withdrawals that may result in poor health, depression or injuries.

There will always be times in life when we are unexpectedly hit with a curve ball and we’ll have too much stress, miss a night of good sleep, indulge in junk food, or have one too many glasses of wine.  After those occasions we feel a little less perky, more sluggish and even run-down.  Our body functions at a lower vibrational frequency and if we make yet another withdrawal on the body bank account we risk becoming overdrawn.  Injuries and illnesses are more likely to occur when our immune systems have been compromised.  In our twenties or thirties, we may have been able to get away with a few too many drinks and lack of sleep from partying but eventually, our bodies will rebel in the form of a cold, headache or something worse.

The older I get, the more I value my health and something as simple as a good night’s sleep.  In order for that to happen, I have to make regular deposits into my healthy living bank account.  When I’m stressed I need to rejuvenate my body through acts of kindness like meditation, which will calm my mind.  When I’m injured I need to back off excessive exercise, eat healthy and take better care of myself.

This week, I took a boxing class with a friend, Danielle Russo-Slugh and her husband Marc. Because my health bank account was full, I did it! I was able to challenge my body with kicking and punching bags (not one another!).  Twenty years ago, I had been certified to teach kick boxing and loved it, but I hadn’t taught a class in years.  I was a little sore the next day, but happy that my fifty-three year-old body kept up.  Now, I’m ready for another health deposit: a nice, long massage.

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