013: From Rock Bottom to Millionaire with Steven Livoti

This Episode: On this episode, I am joined by Steven Livoti.  Steven describes himself as someone with a big heart who appreciates the relationships he’s built. In this conversation, you will hear Steven share his experiences from the low points in his life to his...

012: Life in the Eye of the Camera with Rocco Nugent

How cool is it when you get to learn from your kids?  That requires parents to take a back seat.  It can be humbling and enlightening to experience the world through the lens of a younger generation.  In this episode, you will hear an interview with my son, Rocco. ...
011: Surviving the Corporate World with Jessica Higdon

011: Surviving the Corporate World with Jessica Higdon

I’m so excited to have best-selling author Jessica Higdon join me on this episode!  A master of social media marketing, Jessica and her husband, Ray have travelled all over the world coaching leaders to be top income earners in network marketing.  Their business was...

009: My Birthday Episode!

I am now officially 55 years old.  When considering what I want for my birthday, I decided to make a list. That got me thinking, why don’t we celebrate every day like it’s our birthday?  On this episode of the podcast, I want to share my list of birthday bucket-list...



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