Blog & Weekly Update December 11, 2017

Weekly Update

Educational Tidbits:

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 Social Snaps:

On my perpetual quest for ultimate health and healing, here I am laying on a Bemer mat and holding an additional device over my injured rib. It’s functional medicine that helps increase blood flow and circulation through frequency vibration.
Then I did a lymphatic drainage massage & felt amazing! Thank you Waco Healing Room!

Health & Fitness:

FitnessGetting my “om” on with Sheridan, 1 of the amazing instructors at Yoga Pod Waco! We LOVE our Puppy Vibes shirts!!!

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Fun & Family:

Thanksgiving came a couple days late at our house, but we were grateful to have a table full of food and house full of family and friends!

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Food Inspirations:

I did it! And it was fabulous!! Chop onion, scallions & garlic in olive oil til tender & fragrant. Mix chopped spinach, fresh parsley & feta cheese with a beaten egg. Add garlic & onions. Layer phyllo sheets with olive oil in a small baking dish. Fold in spinach mixture & add more phyllo sheets & olive oil. Voila!!! #cooking #greekfood #spanikopita

Wise Words to Live By:

“Don’t be surprised at how quickly the universe will move with you once you have decided.”

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