#96 Red Pill Prophet with Brant Fricker

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Joining me today is author and TV producer, Brant Fricker, and in this episode, Brant shares how he is able to live a fearless life, free of anxiety, and filled with freedom and faith. We discuss his newest book Red Pill Prophet and dive into powerful and potent techniques and tools that can help you live a joyful life, overflowing with positivity and fulfillment. 

In these times of evil and darkness, we must take charge of our lives by surrendering to God’s will, and choose a path of encouragement and gratitude, to shape our destiny and live a life of highest truth. Together, Brant and I investigate and highlight the undeniable strength and wisdom that comes from the Bible, our history, and the power of living in alignment with God’s design and purpose for our lives. 

Each and every one of us is here for a reason, born specifically for this time and season, and when we allow ourselves to be forged through adversity, we can allow God to work through us, leading us to greater blessings. 

In this episode:

[00:30] Shemane introduces her guest Brant Fricker, author of Red Pill Prophet: The Secret of Deja Vu, a book to help others find their way to living a fearless, anxiety free life filled with freedom and faith

[2:55] The Biblical parallels of living in a simulation, Plato’s allegory of the cave, and the Theory of Relativity  the original red pill prophet, the undeniable truth of the Scriptures, destiny’s path prepared for each of us, and how to live without fear

[7:29] What it means to live in an hour of favor, how to discover your design, God’s will for man, the original tweet, the prophecy of Psalm 22, how to stay in alignment with God’s design in your life

[11:47] How you can transform your life, how thoughts shape our destiny, and encouraging yourself to choose a positive perspective

[13:48] How to switch to a positive perspective in life, the power of gratitude, how God forges us through adversity, the parallels of fitness and building faith through resistance

[16:53] How you can see your own greatness, the price leaders and influencers pay, the power of the hidden ones, the blood of Kings, the power of life, history, and the blood in our veins, and learning to grasp your destiny

[20:27] Shemane shares a powerful story of her experiences in Africa, what it is to not have or lose everything, and the beauty of seeing what is really important, 

[23:29] The perspective shift offered through the Bible, how you can start living with the Word, being born for a time such as this, what we are born for, framing the world with our words, how we can all allow God to live and love through us, and how you can live a fulfilled and joyful life

[27:27] Perfect timing, where you can purchase Red Pill Prophet, and where you can learn more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition 




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