#93 God is Raising Champions

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Pastor Anthony Thomas of Naples, Florida returns as we continue our series on Spiritual Warfare in America. We begin with a powerful deep dive into what it means to have the heart of a champion, and how imperative it is to stand as leaders, aligned with God’s heart and will for our lives and our nation. 

We are witnessing the revelation and unveiling of God’s truth, as more and more we are called to become bold and brave in our voices and in our choices. This episode is full of simple yet profound ways that each of us can rise as leaders and champions of Christ and live fulfilled in the promise of God’s perfect plan. 

We are living in decisive times, and in this episode, you will find the tools and courage to discover what it means to be a warrior of destiny and freedom.

In this episode: 

[00:29] Shemane welcomes back Pastor Anthony Thomas and introduces today’s topic of what it means to have the heart of a champion

[1:03] Pastor Anthony Thomas reads scripture paralleling current events surrounding our leaders and the raising of God’s champions who will become a bridge for God’s will for His people

[3:49] The definition of champion, the choice between perfect and permissive will, and what it means to be a man after God’s own heart

[6:41] How the Bible helps us have the courage and confidence to be a champion of God, being an ambassador for the kingdom, the revelation of God’s truth in current events, and what the story of David and Goliath shows about true leadership and governance

[13:44] Mercenaries in government, the nature of Christ, and how to choose our true identity as champion

[16:01] Shemane shares her perspective of God’s blessings and what it means to her to be a champion of God

[17:57] How we can live a fulfilled life, how adversary can brings us to compassionate leadership, learning through resiliency, how champions raise up other champions, and the agenda of suppression to end voices that inspire and encourage

[21:17] Pastor Anthony Thomas offers a simple formula for how you can become a champion and fulfill the destiny God has in store for you, championing freedom, a closing prayer, and where you can learn more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition 






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