#91 The Walk of Faith with Charles Martin

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Today’s guest is New York Times Bestselling author, husband, father, and bowhunter, Charles Martin, who writes deeply memorable novels about love and loss, and the healing power of redemption. Tackling difficult subjects like human trafficking and its dark, disgusting world, his stories that are filled with suspense, spellbinding adventure, and transformative emotion. He is an artist of creating stories you can’t help but to savor.

Charles shares his journey of becoming a writer, his inspiration and process of creating memorable and relatable stories, and God’s calling to bring healing and safety to human trafficking victims. His words and moving testimony nourish the heart and inspire the soul to overcome unspeakable pain with renewed hope and grace.  

In this episode: 

[00:30] Shemane introduces today’s guest, New York Times Best Selling author, Charles Martin 

[1:44] Charles shares his journey of becoming a writer, and his inspiring process for creating captivating and relatable characters and stories 

[7:00] Shemane shares her delight in reading some of Charles’ most recent novels, receive an in depth look into one of Charles’ most beloved characters, and the dark encounter that sparked the mission to bring awareness and healing to victims of human trafficking

[14:33] The two types of rescues, the reality of Stockholm Syndrome, and the importance of creating safe havens for victims to heal

[17:20] Charles shares the truth of what it takes to be a writer, what his daily writing process looks like, and a sneak peak into one of his most endearing characters

[21:53] The walk of faith, the daily time and devotion of greatness, and softening the heart 

[25:26] Charles shares how one of his books saved someone on the brink of suicide, the true purpose behind artists, the mission of healing the one, and a personal book recommendation 

[31:12] Where you can find Charles Martin, and learn more about Ted and Shemane’s life changing superfood nutrition secret 





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