#90 Forging Warriors with The Patriot Barbie

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My guest today, Lindsey Graham, otherwise known as The Patriot Barbie, is a revolutionary conservative who fearlessly stood up in the face of oppressive government lockdowns, and overcame defamation and slander, forging her name as an author, radio host, and fierce ally of American patriots. 

In this episode, she shares her journey of loss and inspiring testimony of what it means to be a warrior and weapon of God, the power of living in the authority and anointing of God, and her mission of bringing revival and truth back to America. 

In these times of suppression and cancel culture, we need to keep our eyes turned towards God, and continue to walk in His purpose. It is time to rise as warriors of faith and truth, so that we may prevail against the forces of evil. 

In this episode:

[00:30] Shemane introduces the Patriot Barbie, Lindsey Graham

[00:54] Lindsey shares about how she became known as “The Patriot Barbie”, the difficulties she faced during the lockdowns, and the devastating loss she overcame and turned into a blessing 

[4:32] Shemane shares her testimony about becoming a fighter, a full circle connection of inspiration with Shelly Luther, and a reminder of purpose

[5:47] From hair extensions to supporting politicians, Lindsey shares about her devotion and faith in surrendering to God’s plan 

[7:28] Draining the swamp, the loss of our First Amendment rights, the agenda to suppress Christian conservatives, and the call for more warrior women 

[9:46] The powerful place of having nothing else to lose, courage, witnessing God turning bad to good, and living in the authority of God, purpose, and truth 

[12:04] Lindsey shares the story of her book Targeted: One Mom’s Fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, her work with revival and artist Vanessa Horabuena, and allowing God to forge us into warriors

[14:03] The journey of learning, having God move us and light our paths, and the healing power of sharing love and truth with others 

[16:40] Where you can learn more about The Patriot Barbie, and how you can get a free copy of her book

[18:12] Where you can find out more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition secret 




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