#89 What Binds Us Together

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Joining me today is Marine Corps Special Operations veteran, retired US Secret Service and CIA officer, and highly recognized intelligence and security consultant, Anthony Sabio. In this episode, we discuss the current mission sweeping the nation, as an act of deterrence and protection against the corruption and deceit that has poisoned the nation.  

More and more we are witnessing division and anger make way for the growing and unifying love for God, freedom, and family in America. We are living within a massive turning point, where we are waking up and remembering what binds us together as a country and as humanity. Now is the time to take honorable action, stand firm in truth, and use our freedom to take back this country from those who would see us destroyed. 

In this episode:

[00:30] Shemane introduces today’s guest, Anthony Sabio

[1:03] Tony shares his story and what influenced his current mission to protect the nation

[2:15] Hope for the country, the growing love for America shifting across all spectrums, and witnessing the turning point of the nation 

[4:19] The mission of servitude, protection, and sacrifice of the United States military 

[5:08] Tony shares about the current mission to take back our freedoms, what the military can show us about unity and love for your neighbor, removing the noise and focusing on what is important

[7:38] The ongoing efforts of first responders and volunteers to clean and rebuild after the destruction of hurricane Ian, and what we can learn in the wake of the storm

[8:29] The power of service, the mission to bring the country together, transcending political identities, and the serge of veterans standing up for freedom 

[9:53] What is behind the core of One More Mission, who is involved, how it works, the power of deterrence, and how you can be a part of ensuring an honest and free election

[14:55] The importance of “trust, but verify”, where you can find out more about One More Mission, Law Enforcement Today, and Anthony Sabio


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