#88 Hurricanes and Revelations

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We are witnessing the greatest awakening in the world and in the nation. For too long we have allowed fear to control us and take away our rights. For too long we have sat idly by as evil has divided, censored, and destroyed the greatness that is the American freedom and way of life. 

There is hope. There is a revelation that arises from the aftermath of the storm, where the lies and propaganda of tyranny and darkness are removed, and God’s will is revealed. We are being shown the truth, and being called forth to stand together now, in strength and in faith. Together, we must boldly speak out and lead this great country through its darkest hour. For we were made for a time such as this. 

In this episode:

[00:36] The Reveal the Steal Naples event with Kash Patel and Dinesh D’Souza, defying tyranny, and what we can do to protect the future of the nation

[2:20] The call of the awakening, and confronting hard truths and unreasonable mandates

[4:07] The definition and witnessing of God’s Revelation and the call to stand up and fight for freedom against evil agendas

[6:37] The devastation and catastrophic loss from Hurricane Ian

[9:30] The revelation of the hurricane, not taking our freedom for granted, what it is to lose everything, and the important truth of American’s unity and connection

[10:29] the agenda to divide, censor, and remove our first amendment rights, and what you can do to provide help to the families of Naples and Fort Myers

[13:02] The Revelation in America, being prepared for the storm that is coming, standing up and speaking out, 

[14:16] What we can do to take back our freedom, the importance of voting, and being bold and brave and emerging stronger, together

[15:04] A reminder of prayer, and where you can learn more about Shemane and Ted’s superfood nutrition, and a surprise announcement 


Provide Help to the Naples / Ft. Myers Communities:

D. Slugh 

2420 Old Groves Rd


Naples, FL 34103

Gift cards from Target & Walmart are most needed.  

$5-$50, or whatever you can afford.


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