#87 A Buoy for the Soul

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My guest today is Cristina Baker whose prayer and content on social media inspire, encourage, and strengthen so many people to have a closer relationship with Christ. She shares her story of how her life was miraculously transformed, and her testimony and mission to help others overcome darkness through God’s strength. 

Even in our most lost and devastating moments, there is never a time that is too dark, too painful, or too impossible for God. Through prayer and devotion, we have the power to take the enemy’s destruction and turn it into glory, goodness, and kindness, for His purpose.

This episode is for any who feel like something is missing from their life, who feel adrift, lost, or alone in the storm. In faith and connection, we can find hope, light, and a buoy for the soul.

In this episode: 

[00:30] Shemane introduces Cristina Baker and discusses how she is spreading hope through social media

[1:33] Cristina shares why she started using social media platforms as a way to inspire, encourage, and strengthen others in faith

[2:42] We hear Cristina’s story of darkness, destruction, and devastation 

[6:21] Cristina shares about the pivotal moment and prophetic word that saved her from the brink of death

[8:08] The witnessing of true, passionate connection and communication with God, and Cristina’s testimony of surrender and rebirth 

[11:04] From persecution to restoration 

[13:17] Making sense of the pain and valleys, the kindness that leads to repentance, freedom, and a delivered heart 

[16:30] A buoy for the soul, and hope for those who feel lost

[17:18] Walking through dark valleys to the other side, the promise of deliverance, and reaping the harvest 

[19:28] The powerful and encouraging message behind Job’s season of suffering 

[20:48] Shemane’s testimony of navigating life’s storms

[22:32] Where you can find Cristina, and an uplifting prayer of hope and faith 

[24:47] Where you can learn more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition 




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