#85 Spiritual Warfare 101 with Pastor Anthony

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Today’s episode is part one of an incredible series where I welcome my friend, Pastor Anthony, as we dive deep into Spiritual Warfare and what we can do to overcome these dark battles. We are living in unprecedented and Biblical times, and today we discuss the origins, the characters, and the gifts we are given to fight evil. 

This episode is full of practical wisdom and powerful information to help us face the onslaught of attacks we face and experience daily, as individuals, and as a nation. Pastor Anthony offers countless tools to strengthen, embolden, and heal, so that we can reap the promises of abundance and happiness, and thwart the powers that seek to destroy our lives and our freedom. 

In this episode:

[00:30] Shemane welcomes Pastor Anthony and today’s topic 

[1:24] What is Spiritual Warfare, its origins, the characters involved, and how to recognize when it is happening to you

[5:38] The Devil’s agenda to steal, kill, and destroy, the seasons of God’s pouring, and recognizing the blessings of heaven 

[7:03] The fruits of the Kingdom of God, the original sin of trafficking and who is behind the current upheaval of these growing horrors. 

[11:38 Being humble and giving praise to God, the source of all sin, and the different classes of spiritual beings

[13:01] Coming into contact with demonic entities, what we can do to prevent these attacks

[15:52] The two types of demons: deceivers and tormentors, and the power of health and authority to vanquish the enemy

[17:39] The purpose behind intense seasons of attack, the three sources of thoughts, and the power of God’s voice

[19:41] How you can expel evil entities from your life, the power of right relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit, taking back your authority, and God’s Checkbook

[23:59] What to expect in the upcoming series, and where you can listen to more of Pastor Anthony’s message



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