#83 Toxic Mold: Clear the Air

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Today I speak with the co-founders of Change the Air Foundation, Kendra Seymour and Brandon Chappo. As the Vice President and Director of Public Policy respectively, Kendra and Brandon share their firsthand experiences with toxic mold, and what we can do to stay educated, informed, and hopeful about improving indoor air quality and the detrimental dangers this silent killer presents. 

Kendra’s passion and dedication for improving her own health led her to collaborate with fellow advocates to guide the public around the importance of indoor air quality. Brandon works tirelessly with lawmakers in Ohio and Florida to create toxic mold legislation, while also serving closely with community stakeholders and elected officials to help bring much needed attention to the worldwide epidemic of poor indoor air quality and the need for improved standards worldwide.

It is time for us to take back our lives, our health, and our homes, by becoming our own advocates, staying strong in our faith, and holding accountable those responsible for the blatant and dangerous disregard to our safety. 


In this episode:

[00:31] Shemane introduces today’s guests and their passionate dedication to improving indoor air quality 

[2:01] Kendra shares her first hand battle with toxic mold, and the importance of being our own advocates for our health and our family’s safety 

[7:04] Brandon shares the harrowing degradation of his health due to toxic mold exposure, and his dedication to bringing change and awareness to the importance of indoor air quality 

[10:10] Shemane speaks to the ongoing recovery and spiral of healing after toxic mold exposure 

[11:04] The world changing initiatives of the Change the Air Foundation

[14:54] The importance of legislation, and spreading awareness to all to improve and regulate the 90% of air we breathe 

[17:42] The crucial mission to hold those responsible accountable for their carelessness

[21:39] How much is your health worth, and a powerful message of hope, faith, and grace

[25:04] Overcoming trauma and turmoil and making a difference through volunteering and helping others 



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