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Today I welcome back mother of two, patriot, founder, and CEO of American Freedom Co., Sara Flynn Hodge. During the start of 2020, Sara turned her family’s tragedy and loss into a growing legacy and mission to support and stand for faith, family, and freedom. A strong advocate for our military, veterans and first responders, she started a foundation for our troops, to deliver over 10,000 diapers to those in need. 

Together we share tips and tricks to fortify your faith and health in these chaotic times, fun and easy ways you can nourish your relationship with the word of God, how you can help support our military and their families, and where you can purchase your very own limited edition Shemane and American Freedom Co. “Faith and Freedom” T-shirt. 


In this episode:

[00:28] Shemane welcomes back her guest Sara Flynn Hodge, and debuts a limited edition, custom made “Faith and Freedom” T-shirt

[2:13] Find out where you can pre order your own “Faith and Freedom” T-shirt

[3:46] Sara speaks of the faith of the Founding Fathers, what it means to fight for freedom, and the biblical principle of freedom 

[6:22] Sara shares how she turned her tragedy and loss during the pandemic, to a growing and successful company and mission

[9:48] How evil fights through the mind, division and confusion, and three powerful tools to combat Spiritual Warfare

[13:05] The continual relevance of the living word, tips on how to study the Bible, and the power of gifting a personalized journal Bible 

[16:29] Tips for creating your own journaling Bible, a big Bible Study announcement, what American Freedom Co. is doing for the families of Camp Pendleton and how you can help

[20:21] Prioritizing your health, what Sara does to stay in healthy, and Shemane shares her fitness tricks and advice from her book “4 Minutes to Happy” 

[24:47] What to do to avoid plateau, and fun ideas to keep you and your family healthy and active

[27:03] Radiating with the Holy Spirit 

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