#77 Finding the One with Scott Kesterson

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Today’s guest and my friend, Scott Kesterson, is a backpack journalist, a documentary filmmaker, spent three and a half years in Afghanistan as the first embedded citizen journalist, and was awarded an Emmy for his videography shorts of combat in 2007. He has worked with Special Operations units in the area of information and narrative warfare, founded a cultural intelligence consulting company that has provided support for defense and private companies, and so much more. 

We discuss the proof surfacing around the election fraud, the ongoing psychological and spiritual warfare Americans face daily, what it is like backstage and in concert with Ted Nugent, Scott’s mission of delivering 13 Bibles, and the ever growing need for health, mindfulness, strength, courage, and faith. 

Now more than ever, it is crucial that we stay in connection and daily communication with God and the founding principles of this great nation, to wake up from the chaos, and come together in God’s great plan. 


In this episode: 

[2:46] Shemane introduces Scott Kesterson, what we can expect in today’s episode, the crucial necessity of staying healthy, and where you can learn more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition secrets 

[10:15] Finding the One, and the ongoing journey of 12 Founders Bibles

[14:30] Listening to what God puts on our hearts, and developments surfacing around the hard proof about the election fraud

[16:37] “Wag the Dog”, psyops, engineered distractions, and the disturbing truth about the American public’s cognitive abilities 

[20:41] Scott shares his personal account of his experiences backstage at Ted Nugent’s concerts, his feelings about the Nugent family, and what lead him to gifting both Ted and Rocco each a Founders Bible 

[25:15] Shemane shares about her involvement backstage and how she moves through life following God’s will, and Scott tells about a powerful connection he witnessed between Shemane and a group of Special Forces officers 

[33:35] Scott explains the power and importance of Ted’s message, urges us to remember the foundational principles America is founded upon and to stand up to join the battle against evil, and what we can do to inweave faith into all aspects of life

[37:40] Getting right with God, sowing physical and spiritual seeds, fueling and filling yourself with God’s courage and fire, and the message of non-compliance

[40:53] Scott shares more about his takeaways from his time with the Nugent family, and their shining examples of faith, strength, courage, and passion for what is right

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