#75 The Continued Fight For Freedom

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With so much darkness and chaos greeting us each day, now more than ever it is crucial for us to remain healthy, energized, and steadfast in our faith in the battle against good and evil. Corruption, confusion, and fear, threaten to separate and exhaust us, turn us against one another, and extinguish our freedom. 

In today’s episode, I share how you can learn more about my superfood nutrition secret, the ongoing suppression of truth and critical thinking, and what we can do to create real changes. We are witnessing a great awakening where we are seeing ever more clearly the disastrous lies and deceit present in our country. 

We can make a difference. We can bring peace and happiness through living in truth, integrity, courage, and faith. When we live fully, doing what makes our hearts sing and sharing our gifts into the world, we can and will see the healing of humanity, for a freer tomorrow, and a brighter today. 


In this episode:

[00:37] Shemane shares her and Ted’s superfood nutrition secret, and where you can find out more

[3:23] How the Biden administration has continued to ruin, suppress, and destroy America’s freedom

[6:31] The many strange business opportunities of Hunter Biden

[13:25] Stories of redemption and overcoming all odds, and the terrible sordid videos on Hunter’s laptop

[15:59] How Hunter’s position has been elevated, his illegal and treasonous connections, and the lunacy of his position over America’s energy 

[18:45] An unresolved promise to keep Hillary Clinton accountable and placed behind bars 

[22:50] The ongoing and rampant dishonesty, what we can do to make real changes, and the much needed energy required to continue withstanding against the fight of evil

[25:53] Shemane shares a powerful emotional encounter that shows how important it is to continue speaking up and speaking out in truth 

[27:49] The importance of being the one who brings joy, unity, and happiness to self and others, and an inscription from the Founders Bible 

[29:39] What we can do to help turn events around, what we can expect in the coming months, and a closing prayer from Shemane to strengthen and empower against spiritual warfare 

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