#71 Absurd Hunting Laws with Ted Nugent

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My guest today has sold more than 40 million albums. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, a diehard hunter, and incredible marksman who’s also known as the Motor City Madman, and my husband, Ted Nugent. We talk about absurd hunting laws, the second amendment rock’n’roll and so much more.

Ted shares how America is at the forefront and world envy for wildlife management, with the healthiest expanding game populations, and fastest growing agriculture of White Tailed Deer. We learn how corruption, lies, and immorality have weaseled their way into this thriving and lucrative industry, and terrorize not only hard working families, but our national food supply. 

From the Chronic Wasting Disease scandal, treason, to the current plight of spiritual warfare, we must stand together and take action, to correct and hold accountable the soulless evil that threatens every corner of our lives. 


In this episode: 

[2:02 Shemane brings us to today’s topic about the strange and absurd issues surrounding the gun and hunting industry 

[4:06] Ted explains the billion dollar industry of wildlife management and the immoral regulations that threaten our economy, and our wildlife. 

[9:59] Ted speaks to the corrupt powers that threaten to destroy American families, and brings light to the current events surrounding Chronic Wasting Disease. 

[15:04] Bureaucratic red tape and eliminating our food supply

[17:45] What hunternation.org is doing to make a difference 

[18:17] Shemane summarizes the chaos events that overwhelm our current national narrative

[19:48] What we can do to fight back and take a stand against dark agendas

[20:37] Shemane shares a clip from Paul Harvey’s, “If I were the Devil’ 

[25:57] The endless list of treasonous and evil narratives that threaten to dismantle the greatest quality of life known to mankind

[27:42] The blindness that allows indoctrination and the continuation of soullessness  


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