#69 Internet Bill of Rights with Jerone Davison

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On this episode, together with my husband Ted Nugent, I welcome Jerone Davison, former NFL running back for the Oakland Raiders, and pastor turned Republican congressional candidate for Arizona’s District 4.

Jerone stands firm on upholding America’s freedoms, introducing the Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR), and demonstrating his passion to protect our Second Amendment rights in his newest campaign ad that garnered just over 6 million views before Twitter took it down; proving now, more than ever, why we need an Internet Bill of Rights to protect our First Amendment rights in the digital town square. 

In this passionate, moving, and inspirational episode, we hear about Jerone’s recent harrowing near death experience, and we discuss the truth behind much of our country’s history, the evil powers that lurk behind the lies and darkness we have been fed for decades, and how we can put on the armor of God to take back our country and our divinely given freedoms. 

The time is now to stand together and bring America back to faith, family, health, and freedom. 

In this episode:

[0:27] Shemane introduces us to today’s guest speaker 

[0:56] Jerone shares about his recent near death experience and his passionate mission to protect America

[2:07] Ted voices his rallying and passionate support for Jerone and the fight against evil in America 

[4:07] The Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, silent churches, and False Prophet media

[8:13] Jerone shares his testimony, the truth about racism, and taking God’s truth and light to Washington to save and heal America

[10:31] Witnessing the hand of God

[12:30] Ted shares about the historical truth of the First and Second Amendments, and the nefarious purpose of the KKK

[17:55] Jerone’s plan of action 

[21:04] The shield of prayer, and the agenda to keep us divided, sick and uninformed about health, fitness, and supporting our natural immunity 

[25:14] Taking the offensive 

[27:22] Jerone leads the closing with a reviving and moving prayer 



Jerone Davison



2A ad: Make Rifles Great Again

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