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In today’s episode, I share information about how we are constantly being misinformed and misled by the media. We have been force fed endless lies and false narratives, and many are waking up despite these evil attempts to keep us trapped and in the dark. Our immune systems, our way of life, and our freedoms have been stolen. 

These wicked evils have divided and suppressed us, confined and controlled us, in an attempt to keep us weak and afraid. From climate change, gun violence, to the recession and COVID, it is crucial that we stay discerning and informed about what we choose to believe. 

I share many ways that we can protect ourselves, take back control of our lives and our health, and how we can all take a stand against these atrocities. It is time for these powers to be held accountable and answer for the monstrous horrors they threaten us with. 


In this episode:

[00:27] The undisputed misleading lies of the media

[2:48] Standing up to tyrants and the evil plot behind the current agendas to force us to comply and keep us from waking up

[4:26] The surfacing truth about Dr. Fauci, the virus, and other dangerous lies 

[8:31] The corrupt and vile attempt to divide, confine, and suppress 

[9:02] Who really controls our information 

[12:44] The dangers and serious consequences of misinformation 

[13:22] Climate change, the Recession, gun violence, other false agendas, and what we can do to 

[16:20] Shemane shares about recent events that have been suppressed and distorted by the media

[17:09] The terrible attempt to normalize pedophelia and cannibalsim 

[18:58] Shemane shares more tips on how to stay strong and healthy in these dark times 


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