#67 Toxic Mold Interview with Dr. Oz

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Today, I talk with my dear friend and guest, Dr. Oz, as we discuss the sometimes invisible, and most often deadly dangers of Toxic Mold. There is an epidemic in America, and it can be found in our very homes, threatening our health, our sanity, and our lives. We dive into the myriad of symptoms that can manifest from this silent killer. 

It is imperative that we take control and become advocates for our health and that of our family’s, to investigate and discover the root causes of our symptoms and illnesses, and stop relying on money hungry companies and momentary alleviation that can cover up crucial signals our body sends us to alert us to ailments and diseases. 

With the right questions and support, we can take back our health, and live healthy, happy, toxic free lives. 


In this episode:

[1:04] Shemane introduces today’s topic of Toxic Mold

[1:13] Dr. Oz shares his personal, firsthand account of how Toxic Mold threatened the health of his family and home

[2:29] Shemane urges us to become our own investigative sleuth and advocate for our health 

[2:59] Dr. Oz explains why so many doctors can miss the signs of Toxic Mold exposure symptoms

[4:19] Profit motivation, Big Pharma, and the importance of getting to the source of your symptoms

[5:38] The myriad constellation of symptoms possible with Toxic Mold exposure 

[8:01] Dr. Oz shares a mind blowing statistic about women and heart attacks 

[9:01] Shemane shares how she learned about Toxic Mold and the connection to her and her family’s symptoms 

[10:51] The importance of seeking a second opinion, following up and educating doctors to the effects and dangers of Toxic Mold 


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