#66 EMP Threats & How You Can Stay Protected

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In today’s episode, I speak with two wild and crazy guys from EMP Shield : Andrew Bucchin, Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing, and Director of Sales, Pat Barnes. With the threats we face from all around, it is crucial that we protect ourselves, our families, and our communities from menaces both seen and unseen. We discuss how you can stay protected and safe from one of the most treacherous threats of mass destruction in existence. 

The dangers have never been more real. We are living and stuck in an age of disinformation, suppression, censorship, and pushed narratives of fear and darkness, and it can be difficult to find the truth. We are in the midst of a spiritual war and it is time that we stand together and prepare ourselves against these forces and shine forth in God’s light.


In this episode: 

[00:36] Shemane brings our attention to the importance and function of EMP Shield protection and how you can save on your first purchase 

[3:37] Andrew explains the driving inspiration for developing EMP Shield

[4:43] Executive Order 13865

[7:05] The Age of Disinformation 

[9:46] Censorship, the boogeyman, and the political vaccine money scheme 

[12:35] Alphabet agencies and power hungry legacy families 

[15:58] Ephesians 6:12, standing together, and seeing the true darkness

[17:42] Food shortages and being prepared 

[21:14] What is EMP and how we can protect ourselves from super EMP weapon threats 



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