#65 The New Liberal Order – Wake up!

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In this episode, I talk about the Libral World Order, the intention behind rising gas prices, the food crisis, covid, and other impending events.  Many of us have awakened to new levels of awareness, and we can clearly see that our country, our rights, our economy, our health, and our families are under attack. 

It is vitally essential to remain mindful and vigilant to the many ways of deception and distraction we are bombarded with through the media and those who seek to destroy and control. We must stay curious and wonder, seek and search our hearts, so that we can survive these harrowing times and see beyond the forced narrative into the light of God’s truth.

As we face being silenced, suppressed, and a reality of fabricated chaos meant to break us, we can find strength and peace in staying present, prepared, and anchored in our faith and belief in God’s plan. Through unwavering courage, helping others, and staying healthy, we can confront these injustices and find solace in God’s promise. 


In this Episode: 

[00:27] Shemane introduces us to today’s topics.

[4:17] What is “Wag the Dog”?

[7:22] the war on Ukraine and seeing deeper into the truth 

[9:54] the Ghost of Kyiv simulation deception 

[10:40] mythmaking and pushing the narrative 

[12:29] admission of the Libral World Order and the intention behind rising gas prices

[14:33] the truth behind the production of the January 6th hearings and other puzzle pieces answered 

[16:27] investigations and ramifications and turning the century around 

[18:42] how our government is silencing us, suppressing us, and creating chaos to try and break us

[24.23] God’s plan for us and an empowering prayer 


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