Joining me today is Sara Flynn Hodge, a diehard patriot, mother of two, and the founder and CEO of American Freedom Company. A clothing designer and public speaker, Sara is a firm defender of the Christian faith, freedom, and all-American values. She built her business from the ground up, and proudly supports our United States military, veterans, and first responders. 

Sara shares her testimony of overcoming incredible obstacles through unshakable dedication and faith, and how, when we give ourselves fully to God, He blesses us with the perseverance, patience, confidence, and peace that goes beyond all understanding. 

Hers is truly a story of the American dream and the infinite possibilities present to us when we remain unwavering in our faith and in our country.  


In this episode:

[00:54] We hear about how Sara overcame great loss and conflict and created a powerful and growing company through dedication, hard work, and faith 

[4:22] Sara shares her incredible testimony of the American dream and how she stands centered in God despite any doubts or fears 

[6:43] Sara shares about dance and why it is a key piece in how she communicates her mission and vision

[7:59] The importance and blessing in remaining unmovable and unshakable in Christ 

[10:11] A glimpse into the life of being a single mom and running an expanding business 

[12:11] Shemane shares tips for remaining balanced and the significance of asking for help

[14:10] Honoring the profound sacrifices made by the military and their families

[15:13] What American Freedom Company is doing to support the military communities 

[18:12] Shemane shares a story about a recent fire that threatened their home

[19:42] Sara urges the audience to watch Shemane’s documentary “Killer House”

[20:58] An exclusive sneak peak into Shemane’s upcoming book 


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