#63 Elevating in Faith with Isaiah Robin

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Today I speak with guest Isaiah Robin, a musician, a public influencer, a voice for truth, and disciple of Christ. He shares about a supernatural experience that led him to completely step out of his past filled with darkness and destruction, and into a fully surrendered path shepherd by God. He brings awareness to the wickedness and spiritual warfare that surrounds us in the world, and how to remain centered and strong in unwavering faith. 

We examine the controversial events surrounding CERN, dark matter, the music and entertainment industry, and how remaining discerning and informed is crucial to protecting our children and our spirits from the influence of corruption and evil. 

Now more than ever we are called by God to be His beacon and warrior of light, truth, and elevated glory, to unify our spirits and nourish the seeds of faith, together, to overcome all forms of darkness and despair. 


In this episode:

[2:22] Isaiah shares briefly about his past and journey into faith 

[3:59] Why more than ever it is crucial to stay vigilant in our faith and rooted in God’s presence 

[5:08] Shemane brings us to the current events involving CERN

[5:45] Isaiah explains CERN and the nefarious purpose of dark matter

[7:12] The importance of being aware and knowledgeable not only in the world, but also in Christ

[8:35] Isaiah speaks to his mission as a vessel and light for God

[11:09] Shemane quotes scripture, and expresses deep felt gratitude for Isaiah’s work 

[14:15] Isaiah shares what it takes to break free from the chains of destruction and darkness 

[17:06] Discover who your true soulmate is

[20:00] Closing prayer of elevation and illumination


Ted Nugent’s new album : Detroit Muscle

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