#62 Juan O’Savin: Turning Off the Power

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The conversation with Juan O’Savin continues and we immediately dive into the struggles we face in the battle to protect our families, our livelihoods, our futures, and our country. Juan empowers all as leaders and explains how taking action in our communities, schools, and local governments has lasting and increasingly influential benefits. 

I share a story about a recent meeting Ted and I had with President Trump and the truth about why these terrible events are happening. Juan gives us an inside glimpse of what we can expect this summer and how to stay prepared and unshakable in the coming days. 

We talk about the importance of staying vigilant, the dangers of ignorance, how faith is an imperative and vital power, and how we can overcome and thrive, together with the aid of God, in this precarious and crucial time in our world’s history. 


In this episode:

[00:14] Juan speaks to the myriad of struggles we face in today’s economy

[5:26] Juan shares how we can all make a difference by standing together 

[7:11] Shemane tells a personal story about meeting with President Trump and how, more than ever, faith is essential 

[11:21] Juan calls our attention to the puzzle piece that is John Kerry 

[14:36] Shemane brings clarity to the issues with the Green New Deal and shares a quote from the Bible 

[17:38] What happened to the Soviet Union, WW3, and the power of standing in faith and community

[20:50] Juan predicts this summer’s forecast and what to expect in the coming months 

[33:08] “God Himself is the only way that we actually get out of this near death experience.”


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