#61 Juan O’Savin: His past, Our Present & the Future

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Today’s show is part one of a two part series with guest Juan O’Savin, a leader and steward of truth and freedom. With his rich and extensive background in politics, Hollywood, and science, he shares with us in depth knowledge and information about what is currently happening in the race against time regarding the 2020 election fraud. 

Juan shares his unique and eye opening perspectives on what really transpired, and how each and every one of us can take a stand in the face of this disaster and how we can protect the future of our families and country. He explains who and what is behind the disastrous state our economy is facing, a different angle to what is really behind chemtrails, and the imperative need for us all to stand up to evil and take action to protect the innocent and children from darkness. 


In this episode: 

[1:59] Shemane asks what we all can do to move forward with the current events in America

[4:31] Juan explains the past, present, and future significance of September 3rd 

[11:42] Who and what is behind the economy crisis

[16:19] What we can do to create lasting impacts during these unprecedented times 

[21:42] Juan shares a different perspective to the purpose behind chemtrails

[26:10] Shemane shares about the nightmares that keep her up at night regarding protecting the innocent and our children

[30:25] Juan gets to the root of evil, and talks about the sins of commission and omission

[32:53] Shemane shares tips to how you can protect your children from the dangers they face in school


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