Today I speak with Tresha Rodriguez, co-creator of the Patriot Nightcap about what it means to be a patriot, woman, mother, and warrior of truth in these difficult times. We discuss the importance and gift of life, the necessity of healthy and loving boundaries, how imperative it is to live a toxic free life, and how you can support and nourish not only yourself and your family, but also your community and country. 

From abortion to gas prices, poisonous corportations and the threats we face to our freedoms, spiritual warfare and taking a stand of faith in the face of darkness, to inspired joyous living and the incredible value  of thriving connections, this episode covers it all. 


In this episode:

[00:27] Shemane introduces today’s guest 

[2:26} Shemane and Tresha discuss the importance of protecting our kids and what you can do

[7:44] Shemane shares a personal story and directs us to the topic of abortion 

[14:11] The gift of life 

[16:39] We discover how the Patriot Nightcap was born

[19:10] Shemane and Tresha share their health journeys that lead them to living a toxic free life

[25:35] Shemane and Tresha discuss spiritual warfare and the unfortunate circumstances we are facing

[32:09] The importance of having healthy boundaries and self love 

[37:56] A heartwarming share from Tresha about what nurtures her soul 

[41:30] Learn more about where you can listen and support Nino and Tresha 


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