**I’m leaving you breadcrumbs. You need to do your own research.**

I hesitated to even speak on this topic today, but I do feel like I need to share this. Our new normal is quite eerie and there’s more to it than simply a deadly virus. Listen as I share why I think this.

So first of all, if you have never heard of “Q” or “Q-anons,” then that is your first task. Do some research on these terms. In over 500 instances, “Q” has dropped breadcrumbs that have come true. Several of them spouted word for word by the president. Coincidence?

What is adrenochrome? Do some research on that as well, and while you’re looking that up, check out the correlation between adrenochrome and the Coronavirus. Why are we confirmed in our homes for something that is not even as deadly as the flu?

There is so much more to this than we are being led to believe, so I’m leaving you some breadcrumbs here. Are you ready to do some research?

  • [01:37] Look at our new normal and how we got here.
  • [04:29] Things are happening behind the scenes. Do we really know what’s going on?
  • [05:00] Shemane shares why you should become your own investigative sleuth.
  • [06:43] What is “Q?”
  • [09:02] Learn more about Adrenochrome.
  • [10:28] How does all of this relate to the Coronavirus?
  • [12:07] The storm is coming. The storm is here.




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