#40 – The Benefits of Having a Migraine


If you’ve ever had a migraine you know that there isn’t much to be thankful for during those times. You’re in pain, nauseous, and sometimes seeing in mosaics. What benefit could you possibly derive from that. Listen in and you’ll find out.

I have been suffering with migraines for years. They got really bad after I got married to Ted and it was a combination of things that spiked an increase in their intensity. Along with getting married, I’d been dropped into a brand new world full of rules I knew nothing about.

I was also now a step-mom to Ted’s kids, got pregnant, had my own son, and amongst it all, lost a bit of what made me, me. Between the hormonal changes, stress, food, and overall lack of wellbeing, my migraines got really out of control.

The blessing to be found in all this is that I finally figured out most all of my triggers. Now, so long as I don’t do something to trigger a migraine, I rarely have one. I used to have up to 17 per month and now I have fewer than 4 per year.

When you have a migraine, all you want is for the pain to end. Which means that when you are wracked by the pain in your head and body you take part more fully in your life. You are so thankful to not be in pain that the good days are amazing rather than just good.

Listen in to learn more about migraines and what you can do to figure out your triggers. Then you too can find the blessing in having had migraines!

  • [00:37] There are benefits to having migraines. Listen in to learn more.
  • [03:56] Shemane shares why she knows so much about migraines and her history with them.
  • [05:34] What migraines feel like.
  • [06:03] Learn about the things that can trigger migraines.
  • [09:19] Even the migraine medications can cause headaches, so we need to move toward natural remedies.
  • [10:07] What are the different kinds of migraines?
  • [13:22] How can you treat a migraine?
  • [16:25] Why getting married to her husband triggered Shemane’s migraines.
  • [18:31] The benefit of having a migraine is…
  • [21:03] You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy… keep track of what causes your pain.
  • [24:22] If you’re suffering from migrains consider seeing a functional medicine doctor.
  • [27:23] Women may have it more difficult, but we also have more blessings.
  • [29:55] How the Enneagram has helped Sheman cope with migraines.



The Empowered Woman
4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy by Shemane Nugent


“Processed food, MSG… Stay away from it… anything that’s in a box on a shelf for months or even years, that’s not good fuel for your body, so stay away from that.” – Shemane Nugent

“There have been times when I got a migraine with aura and I had to pull over because I couldn’t see. It felt like something was in my vision and I couldn’t get it out.” – Shemane Nugent


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