4 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success

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set up for success

Here are 4 steps to set yourself up for success this week!

  1. Get rid of cookies, chips, sodas and any junk food in the house. If it’s there, it’s a temptation. Set yourself up for success by eliminating food triggers.
  1. Make exercise a habit.  Taking care of your health means putting yourself first…not after the kids, work and your spouse.  FIRST!  Now, I realize that’s super tough, especially with young children that constantly need you, deadlines at work, or household chores that cannot be put off any longer.  But when you have sick days – when you have a cold or flu – you are forced to take a break.  Schedule at least three times a week when you can focus on YOU and any type of exercise you can fit into your busy schedule, whether it’s walking, swimming, biking or taking a fitness class.  The more you exercise, the less sick days you have, the more you want to eat better and the healthier you’ll be! Getting your heart rate up releases “feel good” hormones in your body, so you’ll be happier too!  Set yourself up for success by scheduling a workout at least three times a week.

  1. Find the thing you love to do and do it more often! Whether it’s painting, yoga, coffee with friends or just reading the paper – write it in your schedule this week! Research shows that when we are doing something we love, our blood pressure drops and our mood is elevated.  It might seem selfish to schedule girl-time, but weeks or months will pass and you’ll miss out on catching up with friends, creating something fabulous, or just having fun!
  1. Choose happiness. While we cannot always determine what is going to happen to us on any given day, we can reset our bad days and bad moods by changing our physiology. Set the alarm on your phone to go off mid-day, reminding you to sit up tall and put a smile on your face. Sometimes, it’s the little things that create the biggest change. We tend to slump when we are tired or rushing.  Check your body alignment at least once a day and don’t forget to smile!  My husband and I went to lunch and I put on a nice dress and of course, it started pouring!  At first I was worried that the rain would ruin my dress when I stepped out of the car, but I changed my mindset and remembered back when I was a kid. My friends and I used to run around in the rain and have so much fun! So, I changed my mindset, took a deep breath, forced a smile on my face and ran out in the rain, dodging the puddles, smiling inside that I could still play in the rain!

Set yourself up for success with these four steps.  Plan ahead and pray for rain!


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  1. April O'Leary

    Great tips! You’re right that happiness is a choice. Your book is amazing thanks for being you!!!

  2. Laura Fair

    Love picturing you running in the rain in your dress! Great post. CHOICES. Loved your birthday. Such s happy time.
    Start a Snap Chat!!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Thanks Laura!!!

      Snapchat….I know….one more thing! ;

  3. Wes Smith

    Hi Shemane,
    I ordered your book when it first came out and skimmed through it, I now have some time to spare so am going to go back and rread it and apply the daily lessons. Very good content! some questions are a little uncomfortable but I guess that’s what happens when one has to look at ones self honestly:)!
    My question is this, how do you integrate this lifestyle to your family? Do your kids observe and more or less copy you? or do you take time to have one on one “teaching sessions”? It is obviously (life) a work in progress.
    I have a 2.5 year old and want to make sure I give her all the tools for success I can.
    Any tips would help, thanks for the great advice and for being real!

    • Shemane Nugent

      Great question!

      Since my son Rocco is now 26, an adult and able to make his own choices about eating and exercise, I will say that since he’s see me make healthy choices and work out daily all of his life. So, he’s doing the same! Since your daughter is still young you can make those choices for her by avoiding junk food and incorporating exercise – ie. playtime whenever possible.
      Hope that helps!!

  4. Jay Dittmar

    Thanks,Jay,Great checkup.Peace talk after.

  5. Jeanne Bonnell

    I’m curious about the Isogenix. How can I learn more?

  6. Craig Bosse

    100% agree…. no junk food, daily exercise, and being happy cannot be found in magic pills. It’s simply personal commitment. See you and Ted again at the OxRanch Lady.


    Hi Shemane wanted to know about iceagenix and can it be affordable I would like to get what u posted today


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