#35 Ted’s Hunting [Interview with Ted Nugent]

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Hunting, trapping, fishing, and conservation are a huge part of our lives. Ted has been an avid hunter since he was a young child and he shares why he’s always been drawn to the sport and lifestyle of hunting. Listen in as we share some of our adventures and some of our scariest moments while hunting and why you should always be prepared.

Ted starts our conversation off with a vibrant description of the U.S. post-World War II. It was in this era that he was born and it was during a time that hunting, fishing, and trapping were still the primary way many providers fed their families. He watched as his father and uncles went on hunting trips and knew that he belonged there as well.

He’s always been drawn to hunting. His favorite form of hunting is bow hunting. There’s something unbelievably spiritual in the power and responsibility that comes from learning how to properly wield a bow.

Listen in as Ted shares a vivid story about a time we almost lost him to the quicksand of a fen. He provides several lessons throughout the story of how to be prepared for every eventuality. The most important lesson of all however is that you shouldn’t track a deer, in the dark, in a bog, on your own!

This has been a passion of ours for years. Learn why it is so important that hunting, trapping, fishing, and conservation be recognized and perpetuated in future generations. Want to know ho to get the healthiest grass-fed meat you can find? Pay attention until the very end.

  • [00:38] Ted shares the reason behind why he started and continues to hunt.
  • [03:22] Did he used to wish he could go on hunting trips with his dad when he was little?
  • [06:49] Hear Ted discuss his natural draw toward hunting.
  • [09:10] Hunting helps keep a man humble, down-to-earth, and grounded.
  • [11:37] How can someone learn about and begin hunting if they’ve never been exposed?
  • [18:41] Shemane shares why she’s so thankful that she’s found proficiency in archery.
  • [19:38] Ted and Shemane chat about several of their favorite adventures while hunting, as well as a particularly scary situation.
  • [30:13] If you’re looking for adventure, learn all the ways that you can get involved with nature and archery.




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