#32 – Dealing with Criticism [Interview with Ted Nugent]


Finding the courage to pursue your passions and your dreams when you don’t feel supported in your endeavors is unbelievably difficult. Shemane chats with her husband Ted about his decades-long career and what drives him to continue to pursue excellence every day. Ted shares his opinions about today’s society, why bow hunting is tantamount to superstardom, and how to find your self-esteem, because having courage is up to you. 

Ted is legitimately a rockstar. He has been writing, playing, and performing rock and roll music for over 50 years. He’s also an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and a loving husband and father. But how does he find the passion and energy to keep going? How did he keep working and driving when times were hard? Where did he find the courage to continue on when things weren’t going well? First, he never gave up! Even when times were hard.

Listen to Shemane and Ted chat about his upbringing and why it was essential to how he lives his life to this day. Ever feel like you don’t have a choice on which path you should take each day? Ted has a completely different opinion to share with you about how the decisions you make every day impact your ability to dig deep and keep going. 

Ted and Shemane also discuss passion. Every person has their own passion, but for many, the end goal is the only thing to be seen. For Ted, the end goal shouldn’t enter your mind. When you focus on the path or the process, you will find your goal, but you will also build and grow so that you are ready for the rewards your goal has in store. 

His outspoken beliefs and opinions are unbelievably refreshing in an overly “PC” world. You won’t want to miss out on why your self-esteem is your responsibility. If you’ve been feeling a little less courageous lately, then take a moment to listen to this episode.

  • [00:22] Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend it with me!
  • [01:01] Shout out to FMENRNSJDICHDBE for their 5-star review!
  • [01:51] Shemane welcomes her husband Ted to the show.
  • [02:48] Hear Ted discuss making choices and why he makes the choices he does.
  • [06:14] What advice would Ted give a person who is struggling with having the courage to follow their dreams?
  • [08:21] Ted chats about the changes in parenting over time and how to inspire people to reach their full potential.
  • [12:49] What would Ted say to the person looking to follow their passion but is lacking the courage of conviction? 
  • [13:32] Hear Ted share his view on fulfillment and passion.
  • [17:23] Why your mountain top doesn’t have to reach the same height as the next person’s.
  • [18:30] Ted relates a graphic representation of finding your own mountain top and how to find your own self-esteem.
  • [22:09] Did Ted ever experience a time that he wanted to give up? 
  • [23:26] Shemane relates a story about one of Rocco’s swim meets and today’s society of being politically correct rather than pursuing excellence.
  • [27:24] Stay tuned for Ted’s story about being stuck in quicksand…





“You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to be a happy mountain climber.” – Ted Nugent

“You have to find the thing that makes your heart sing, that you would do for free, and that will set you free.” – Shemane Nugent

“You can’t “get” self-esteem, you can’t buy it. Your parents can’t give it to you. You have to accomplish it yourself.” – Ted Nugent

“Excellence is the goal. Being better is the goal. Competition is the driving force for happiness and being tired when you go to bed knowing you did a great job and you put your heart and soul into your day.” – Ted Nugent

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  1. Shelley Brakenhoff

    You both are inspiration to me and my husband we were so happy we got to meet Ted in Springfield Illinois this summer and I was hoping to meet you So I wore my rescue shirts for animals but I didn’t get to say everything to Ted that I wanted to say but I grew up with his music and I think that you both are wonderful Thank you for taking the time to post all these and I sure hope you win! Shelley Brakenhoff


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