#31 – Human Trafficking & Enneagram Training


Learning and understanding the complexities of your Enneagram type will open up doors in your mind, body, and soul that you didn’t even know were closed. Shemane welcomes Clare Loughrige, pastor, spiritual director, author, and social activist to discuss Enneagram types, training, and how they correlate with her faith. Clare is heavily involved in the fight against human trafficking and shares ways to join in the fight without taking on too much negative energy. 

To say that Clare is passionate about understanding and teaching the Enneagram would be an understatement. The changes she has seen in her life and her faith as a result of understanding how she connects with the world has made her an Enneagram believer. This is realized fully in her ability to hear and process the stories of her congregation while still taking care of her own mental health and staying faithful in God’s plan. Knowing how her body processes the emotions and experiences of others keeps her healthy, happy, and thriving in her faith.

Because of the positive changes she’s seen in her own life, Clare has taken steps to become a certified trainer and teacher of the Enneagram. She helps others to live more fully in their faith and their purpose by reconnecting with their whole selves. If you’d like to know more about your own Enneagram type, check out Clare’s upcoming training, ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Training.

Clare also shares how she came to be involved in the fight against human trafficking. She was impacted by the stories of the survivors of human trafficking that could be found within her own community and found that she had to get involved. She uses her knowledge of the Enneagram and her deep faith to reach out to and support those survivors in their healing after the horrors they’ve seen and felt. If you’d like to learn how you can get more involved in your own community, reach out to Clare!

This was a truly fun and interesting conversation full of great tips and tricks for navigating the world of experience. You won’t want to miss Clare’s insights into how the Enneagram can impact your life as well as the tools she provides on how to listen to and take in the stories of others without holding onto the emotions those stories evoke. Discovering the truth of your experience will lead you onto the path of reverent faithfulness and fulfillment.

  • [00:25] Welcome back! Get ready to learn all about human trafficking and Enneagram scores.
  • [01:03] Shemane gives a shout out to Create a Dream for their 5-star review.
  • [02:01] Welcome Clare Loughrige, pastor, author, spiritual director, and social activist.
  • [04:30] Learn more about the Enneagram and how Clare defines her work.
  • [06:22] How does Clare listen to others without taking on their energy and rhythms?
  • [08:50] Clare shares how you can STOP holding onto the experiences of others while still caring and acting.
  • [12:01] Learn about the different types of human trafficking and how Clare started in her activism against it.
  • [16:13] Clare has a new Enneagram training coming up! 
  • [18:43] Shemane shares how the Enneagram has helped her with her own relationships.
  • [19:27] You still have time to get involved in Clare’s training.
  • [22:07] Connect with Clare.






“God graciously used the Enneagram in our lives to get around our defenses and blind spots so we could practice truth. The Enneagram reveals the reality of our inner discord and its effect on others.” – Excerpt from Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram

“One of the things we do with the training is we actually open up all three centers of intelligence, so for a heart person like yourself, we know you have a heart, but you also have a brain, and you also have this instinctual body intelligence.” – Clare Loughrige

“So many people though get stuck at, okay I’m a 2, I’m a helper. That’s it. End of story. Well, you’ve only just begun girlfriend.” – Shemane Nugent


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