#30 – MOLD MYTHS – What You Need to Know About Toxic Mold

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Do you think you have mold in your home? If so, contact an expert mold remediator immediately! Don’t wait. Toxic mold can make you deathly ill.

Sadly, Shemane and her family lost their home that was once featured on MTV Cribs to toxic mold. They never saw it. It grew from a water leak between the walls. Shemane, her rocker husband Ted, and their son Rocco all had life-threatening illnesses. So Shemane is on a mission to share her experience with you, so you’ll be educated about what to look for and how to remediate.

Listen as Shemane dispells the myths about toxic mold, why using bleach to get rid of mold is one of the worst things you can do, why geography doesn’t matter, and more! Know the truth about mold.

When Shemane was diagnosed with pre-emphysema from toxic mold exposure and almost died, she became her own sleuth, curing herself and her family. Find out what she did!. This is an episode you don’t want to miss, take notes, and learn from someone who has been through, it might just save your life.

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  • [00:05] This episode is about 6 myths of toxic mold! Welcome to the show!
  • [00:19] Shemane tells us a little about herself and her experience with toxic mold.
  • [01:00] Geography doesn’t matter.
  • [01:58] Bleach can actually exacerbate the problem.
  • [02:45] Once you remediate the area, make sure the ductwork is cleaned as well.
  • [04:09] Not all mold is created equal, Stachybotrys mold is one that can kill.
  • [04:47] You can still be sick even if the house has been remediated, it depends on the length of your exposure.
  • [05:18] Mold illness is extensive, sore throat, digestive problems, and so much more, even cancer.
  • [06:01] can be long term and devastating, don’t take them lightly.
  • [06:35] Shemane has a documentary on mold illness coming out in 2020.
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“I have been a healthy lifestyle expert for a long, long time and have been teaching group classes since 1980, then I got sick and almost died from toxic mold exposure, so I know way too much about this, never wanted to be known as the mold lady.” Shemane Nugent

“I’m here to share all the information that I know with you so that it can prevent you from going through the horrible devastation that my family and I went through.” Shemane Nugent

“It doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska or Florida or anywhere else if you have a porous substance, lack of ventilation, and water infiltration you have mold.” Shemane Nugent


  1. Marlene Jones

    My name is Marlene M Jones and I live in Nashville TN. I am interested in your mold documentary. After the 2010 floods we cleaned up but had no idea we had hidden mold and on top of that found a sewer gas leak. My husband got bell’s paulsey (he is a writer and former boxer) and I fell dealthy ill 3 months later (I am a Flight Attendant for nearly 30 years). I almost died. Cime to find out I am that 25% of the population that doesn’t methylate. I have struggled to be heard by doctors (more than 30!) for nearly the last 6 years. I had Suzanne Somers on a number of flights and her husband and had no idea that years later she would also get sick from mold as well. It is truly devastating. Thank you for trying to get the word out there!!

  2. Brenda Hatcher

    Thank you for sharing this info on mold. We had a home in Michigan as well in Jackson by Cascades Park and had water leaks in the basement laundry from runoff going toward the home, instead of away from the home. I was deathly sick and then injured my lungs from cleaning products causing me to also acquire Asthmatic Bronchitis….talk about scary! I was depressed, had GERD, inflammation, migraines, memory loss, lack of focus….and it took me a long time to know why. I too googled a lot because the doctors are just not aware. I am happy to say I cleared our new home of toxins (cleaning, laundry, bathing products) and moved out of our home in Michigan. But like you said you can get mold anywhere…even in Southern CA where we moved to! We had it! Moved out of that rental because they wouldn’t do anything to fix it! Thanks again for sharing this and I will be sharing your podcast on our Private FB page! and yes…you rock!


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