#29 – Make More Money


Does your job make you happy? Does the commute stress you out or give you headaches? In this episode, Shemane is encouraging us to do what we love and make more money doing it. She is passionate about giving us ideas on where to find a career that can get us out of the rat
race and provide us with the freedom to live.

Shemane believes in volunteering and believes it is one way you can release stress and help the community at the same time. She is currently working with the Naples Humane Society to raise money to keep the no-kill shelter open. She is participating in the Dancing with the Local Stars contest and has posted videos of her and her professional dance partner on her social
media pages, so check them out.

Listen in and hear about Shemane losing her home and almost her life to a deadly mold outbreak, how she turned it around and found a way to feed her soul while helping those around her. You won’t want to miss this encouraging and upbeat episode.

Shemane shares transformational tips, tricks, and tools to help you on your journey to happier, healthier living. Check out the free programs and intensive workshops that will help you get fit fast, conquer your fears, emotional obstacles, and overcome tragedies and setbacks at www.shemanenugent.rocks.

  • [01:06] Shemane gives a shout out to one of her 5-star listeners, Ohiomega. Thank you!
  • [01:57] If you don’t love your job, change it!
  • [02:49] Is the one you have? Do you ever dream about a different career?
  • [04:51] If you can’t find anything positive about your job, maybe it’s time to look for something different.
  • [05:35] Shemane discusses finding your dream career by exploring the internet for options and find something you love.
  • [06:25] She gives us some background on her previous and tells us why she chooses to work now.
  • [09:20] She gives us insight into a life-changing illness and how she almost didn’t recover.
  • [09:35] Have you ever had a fantastic opportunity materialize?
  • [10:40] Maybe you can’t afford to give up your full-time job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an online career that you love.
  • [12:02] Do you struggle with depression when you spend to much time alone?
  • [12:50] Shemane shares a quote from Dave Ramsey about 1 Peter and the gifts God gives us.
  • [13:37] She discusses her love of dance and how she used that to help raise money for a local no-kill shelter.
  • [14:36] Shemane tells us how we can support her and help raise money for these fur babies.
  • [15:34] She posts videos of her Dancing with her professional coach on her social media sights below.
  • [16:10] If you love what Shemane is doing, please leave a rating and review, and don’t forget to subscribe.



“People who struggle with depression fall deeper into the dark abyss of despair when they spend too much time alone.” ~ Shemane Nugent

“Volunteering my time for charity brings me so much joy that I wish I could bottle it up for you, that’s what fills me up. It’s what allows me to share my passion for healthy living, my inspiration, and motivation for others.” ~ Shemane Nugent

“God wants us to bless others, in 1 Peter 4:10, we are called to use our gifts to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace.” ~ Dave Ramsey


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