This Week’s Episode:
On this episode, I’m joined by my friend and business partner, April O’Leary. April wrote Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living, which is an amazing book. This episode was recorded in April’s car, as she took me to the airport.

In this episode, you will hear April, and I discuss her book. She explains how taking ownership of situations can help us overcome. There is a real danger in having a victim mentality. April got me started on Isagenix, and we also talk about the Isabody Challenge.

Connect with April O’Leary:
Website –

You’ll Learn:
● [01:20] – April explains why she wrote her book, Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.
● [02:53] – Shemane explains that none of us get out of life unscathed. April shares how ownership plays a role in overcoming these situations.
● [05:43] – April talks about the danger of a victim mentality.
● [07:30] – We talk about Isagenix and the importance of putting healthy and positive food in our bodies.
● [09:29] – April talks about the Isabody Challenge. She shares her incredible dedication to this challenge.
● [11:16] – April talks about sacrificing and swapping out foods.

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