#28 – Transformational Tips for a Healthier Mindset with Clare Loughrige part 5


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We are on part 5 of a multipart deep dive into the power of the mind with guest Clare Loughrige, a certified enneagram instructor, pastor, author, and a podcast host. Today we are finishing up our discussion on the enneagram and what we need to do to have a healthy mindset.

Clare tells us about head types, IQ, EQ, and GQ and how they interpret the world through their mental faculties. She speaks about Neuroplasticity the ability to rewire our brains, the heart, gut, motion mantra for health in all numbers and why it is so essential to stay in harmony. She believes that the enneagram allows us to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

Today’s episode is the conclusion of the 5 part series with Clare so if you have not seen the other podcasts, please go back and start there. She has given us so much excellent information on each type that to start here will not allow you to get a full understanding of the enneagram.

  • [01:02] Clare Loughrige tells us about the head types, IQ, EQ, and GQ. 
  • [01:13] IQ’s are 5, 6, and 7; they interpret the world through their mental faculties.
  • [02:07] The 5’s are the types that show us God is wise when they are in their true selves. They need to have more research. They need to know what the numbers are before buying anything.
  • [05:20] The 6’s are the loyal and faithful type. They want everyone to feel secure.
  • [06:35] When they are healthy, they work with the team, when they are not healthy, they can be fearful with worse case scenarios in their heads.
  • [08:17] The 7’s show us the joy of God; they are adventurers, explorers, and they are interested in everything.
  • [10:40] They are methodical planners when they are healthy, it can turn to gluttony, always wanting more, more knowledge, more of everything when they are not healthy.
  • [12:07] EQ’s are numbers 2, 3, and 4’s they are the emotional intelligence – GQ’s are numbers 8, 9, and 1’s they are the gut intelligence.
  • [13:00] You need all three centers of intelligence if you want to be centered.
  • [15:56] Do you have self-doubt? How can you change it?
  • [18:00] Neuroplasticity is when you can rewire your brain.
  • [20:43] Clares’ head, heart gut motion mantra for as a 3 is effective loyalty harmonizes is a tool that Clare uses when she feels that someone needs to get something done.
  • [22:40] Listen as they discuss the book Spiritual Rhythms for the enneagram, which is a handbook for harmony and transformation.
  • [23:35] If you have not taken the test yet and you are curious what your numbers are, go to www.wepss.com and take Dr. Wagner’s test.
  • [24:56] Clare gives the three words for each type that can be used as a tool to stay in harmony. 
  • [27:05] What would your elevator pitch be?
  • [28:40] The enneagram gives us a way to see ourselves through God’s eyes.








“Children are wired for resilience; still residual childhood baggage and messages can leak into adult relationships.” – Clare Loughrige

“When you are aware of your awareness, you can bring intention to that attention.” – Clare Loughrige

“The enneagram gives us a way to see ourselves through God’s eyes and through eyes that begin to love ourselves well and let go of what we have not loved.” – Clare Loughrige


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