24. Enneagram Gut Types 8, 9 & 1 with Clare Loughrige part 2


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Today’s show is part two of a multipart deep dive into the power of the mind with guest Clare Loughrige, a certified enneagram instructor, pastor, and author. They discuss what Shemane calls the best personal development tool she has ever found — the enneagram!

On this episode we delve back into the discussion of Clare and her mission to get healthy without medicine, to learn more about the enneagram types and talk about what characteristics define each one. Have you found your type yet? If not take the test at www.wepss.com.

If you haven’t listened to the first episode from last week go back and start there, Clare is giving us so much wonderful information and insight that you won’t want to miss any of it and each episode builds on the first.

Don’t miss the next few weeks with Shemane and Clare as they go deep into the mind and teach us the tools we need to be smarter about what our bodies are saying to us.

[00:40] Shemane talks about losing her health from toxic mold poisoning and her journey back to health where she discovered that being healthy is as much about the mind as it is about the body.

[02:50] Shout out to one of the show’s 5 star listeners! JudyMN.

[03:50] Do you want to find out what your enneagram number is? Take the test at www.wepss.com.

[05:18] Clare is back to continue our discussion, we are picking up where we left off.

[06:08] She was introduced to the enneagram at the monastery while on her retreat to heal and rest, she tested at a 3 proving that she was a workaholic and didn’t know when to shut it down.

[07:45] Shemane and Clare recap a little bit of the last episode from being diagnosed with MS and going to a monastery for 3 days once a quarter for 3 years.

[08:15] Clare speaks about going to doctors that wanted her to take drugs for the rest of her life, she said no, there had to be a better way.

[08:50] She researched a plant based diet and decided to try it for 9 months, she said it was the worst 9 months of her life she is a carnivore she loves meat and it didn’t seem to help anyway.

[09:20] Her teacher Ruth Barton wrote a book called Sacred Rhythms about rhythms of work, rest, solitude,community and silence to help you recover your soul that she thought why not try this.

[10:25] Do you know your enneagram number? You need the book ‘The Enneagram Personality Styles a Tool for Self Knowledge and Spiritual Transformation’ by Clare.

[11:43] There are 9 types of enneagram personalities, she explains three of them starting with an 8. An 8 shows us God is powerful, God is strong, they are the people that challenge us and keep us just and fair, Mother Theresa was an 8.

[14:59] Can the enneagram help you if your husband who is antagonistic doesn’t do the enneagram also? Clare says yes! you can affect the atmosphere and make change.

[16:55] In the heat of the moment if we can take a step back and see what is keeping us from our best self we can diffuse the situation, practice makes permanent.

[18:55] A nine is a peacemaker, when they are healthy they are the best ambassadors for peace when they are unhealthy, they are not able to make a decision.

[21:58] A one is instinctual, there is a right or wrong and good or bad way no gray area, they try to reform everyone like Martin Luther the great reformer, when they are unhealthy they are perfectionists.

[28:15] Have you ever had someone ask you where you want to go eat and you tell them I don’t care? What number does that make you?

[28:28] Join us on next weeks episode for installment 3 of this riveting conversation with Clare.




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