23. Introduction to the Enneagram with Clare Loughrige


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Today’s show is part one of a multipart deep dive into the power of the mind with guest Clare Loughrige, a certified enneagram instructor, pastor, and author. They discuss what Shemane calls the best personal development tool she has ever found — the enneagram!

On this episode we learn about Clare, her life, how she was diagnosed with MS at age 40 and how discovering the enneagram may have been what cured her. Clare went to a franciscan monastery to be closer to God, and while there she learned the importance of rest. Listen in as she describes getting a favorable prognosis for her illness, and how she and her husband spend one day a week totally unplugged from phones and computers. They take the time to rest, have fun and enjoy each other.

Don’t miss the next few weeks with Shemane and Clare as they go deep into the mind and teach us the tools we need to be smarter about what our bodies are saying to us. 


[01:45] Shemane talks about the origin of her name, her social media links and how to set your soul on fire!

[02:27] Shout out to one of the show’s 5 star listeners! RFReed1015.

[03:28] Her guest today is Clare Loughrige a certified enneagram instructor.

[07:05] Clare describes growing up in a large family with 6 siblings, having a closer relationship with God, and how she started a church in Michigan.

[09:45] Clare discusses how being diagnosed with MS at age 40, made her reevaluate her life and how she was living it. She was so busy pushing herself — even as a pastor — that she wasn’t practicing self-care.

[10:29] Do you know when to stop working? Are you going so fast that stopping is hard?

[11:34] Clare speaks to us about staying at a franciscan monastery for four years to rest and  commune with God, the silence allowed her mind to quiet and her body to start healing.

[13:37] She told us how after she left the monastery, she had an MRI that showed a positive outcome and she is no longer having symptoms of MS.

[14:25] Clare talks to us about slowing down and developing new neural pathways in the brain that gives us choices.

[16:35] Clare and her husband have one day a week that they totally unplug, no phones, no computers they just spend time together playing and having fun.

[19:16] Are you in touch with what your body needs? Do you listen to it?

[19:55] This is the end of part 1, check back next week for part 2 about the enneagram.



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