As I write this, I’m sitting by a crackling fireplace on a blistery cold, (14 degree) winter morning. The sky is just beginning to glow, illuminating the jagged mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’m about to head out for a day of skiing with my son Rocco, stepdaughter Sasha, and grandkids Caeden and Finn. It’s amazing to think that a decade ago, I was barely able to walk from the effects of toxic mold poisoning. When you lose your health, you quickly realize that nothing else is more important.


I feel ridiculously blessed to have endured such an ugly chapter in my life and now have the energy and stamina to keep up with my grandkids when they ask, “can we go again?” I smile, adjust my googles and say “Yes!”

We are making memories.

2017 provided the Nugent family with a few incredible memories I’d love to share, along with a tease about an exciting new program for women only! Details coming soon!

Here’s what you came for…the Highlights of 2017!

In February, I was the keynote speaker for the Go Red For Women’s luncheon at Baylor University. It was an honor to be a part of something so big helping so many.–Black-mold-almost-killed-Shemane-Nugent-rocker-husband-414751123.html

In April, Ted and I were invited by Governor Sarah Palin to join her and President Trump for dinner at the White House! We anticipated a quick visit, but President Trump was incredibly welcoming. He gave us an extensive tour of the White House, the living quarters including the famous Lincoln Bedroom, showed us a painting Jackie Kennedy gave her husband, the Press Room, and the room where President Bill Clinton “interviewed” Monica Lewinsky. Our friend Kid Rock and his fiancé Audrey came along too! Ted gave the President a guitar but we have yet to hear if there will be a Trump/Nugent musical collaboration. ; )



Sharing my passion for healthy living with others is something near and dear to me. My friend Julie Hays invited me to be a regular guest on her TV show. We had so much fun during our Motivation Monday segments!

In July, we were blessed to welcome another member to the Nugent family. Erin and Toby gave birth to Felix, who is beautiful and healthy!

Ted and I appeared on FOX & Friends to discuss politics and my book, “4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy!“, but we never got around to discussing my book. Next time!

Helping people make positive transformations in their lives has always been a passion of mine and in August, I attended the International Isagenix convention with Tony Robbins as the keynote speaker. It’s been an honor for me to help more than 100 people lose a combined total of more than 500 pounds, gain energy, lean muscle and a positive mind-set! (message me if you’re interested.)

In September, Ted performed for the Marines in Okinawa! What an honor! We also spent time touring Tokyo, eating Udon every day, and visiting shines in Kyoto.

Rocco appeared in the movie Vengeance: A Love Story with Nicholas Cage! Although Rocco’s character, Lloyd, dies in the movie, it’s worth watching his epic death scene where he is shot and flies into Niagra Falls.

In October, I gave a talk for businesswomen in Naples along with my friends and business partners April and Danielle. It’s so gratifying to inspire and support women entrepreneurs!

The super food nutrition we all use EVERY DAY was a welcomed solution for the hungry, hard-working relief crew who helped remove debris after hurricane Irma hit Naples.

Ted, Happy, Sadie and I were featured in Modern Texas Living magazine in November!

I also did this crazy move on the beach in Naples after a paddleboard yoga class!

December is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on our many blessings. I had an amazing time skiing with my family, inspiring people in my social media updates and planning to help even more people get healthier and happier in 2018!

My new program GODDESS WELLNESS focuses on empowering women through overcoming obstacles, exercise, meditation, nutrition and developing a positive mindset. If you’re interested in learning more or enrolling, please email me at [email protected] and write GODDESS in the Subject line.

Let’s make incredible memories this year! Cheers to a new year of health and happiness in 2018!


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I’m Shemane, I’m an ambassador for healthy living, I am an International Fitness Presenter and have been a group exercise instructor for more than 40 years.





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