20: Is Soul Cycle Safe?

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I have some sad news to share with you.  I have been a fitness instructor for 38 years and taught many classes, and I have really enjoyed this work.  Recently, I have enjoyed taking other people’s classes and trying new things.  However, when I see something that is unsafe, I feel an obligation to share my thoughts.  I recently visited SoulCycle, and I was bothered by some of their unsafe practices.  Listen to learn why I think CycleBar is better and safer than SoulCycle.

  • [01:38] – When I see something that is unsafe, and it’s a successful program, it worries me.
  • [02:04] – I wanted to go to SoulCycle in Beverly Hills. Safety is really important to me, and I saw some real safety concerns.
  • [04:28] – CycleBar is better because it’s safer.
  • [05:51] – I tested CycleBar and came to this conclusion.
  • [06:36] – SoulCycle is focused on speed, and not strength.
  • [07:31] – My issue is more with the formula of SoulCycle.
  • [08:29] – When I first went to CycleBar, I was not thrilled with my stats. That told me I needed to focus on strength, not speed.
  • [09:14] – I’m worried about everyone looking at SoulCycle as the hot, new fad.
  • [10:18] – In a recent Sacred Inner Circle session, I talked about safety with motion.
  • [11:39] – People are going to hate you. Do good anyway!
  • [12:57] – When you focus on speed, there’s no way you can focus on form.



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