22. Women’s Empowerment


Joining me this week is April O’Leary.  April is not just a best-selling author, but also one of my friends.  In this conversation, you will hear April, and I discuss women’s empowerment.  We both talk about the need to find friends to help you through tough times, and how people pleasing can hold you back from reaching your potential.

Be sure to visit AprilOLeary.com and get her book (for free!) by visiting www.ultimateaffairbook.com.

  • [00:50] – April shares her background, including how she removes the things that block God from her life.
  • [01:50] – “Life is working for you on your behalf, not against you.”
  • [02:58] – Sometimes you need to ask for help when you’re experiencing difficult situations.
  • [03:42] – It’s important to have friends who are not family that you can count on.
  • [04:41] – Find what makes your heart sing.
  • [07:14] – People pleasing reinforces that women are secondary in nature.
  • [10:08] – Having resentment is a sign that you may be a people pleaser.
  • [10:42] – My eyes have been opened because of the Enneagram.
  • [11:25] – Text “Circle” to 345345 to learn more about my new program and the Enneagram.



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