017: Food Sanity

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On this episode, I’m joined by Dr. David Friedman.  Dr. Freedman is a New York Times best-selling author who has worked with popular celebrities like John Travolta, Suzanne Somers, and others.  He has made appearances on many radio and tv shows and has his own podcast. Food Sanity is his way to break through the fads, faction, and fallacies when it comes to food.

Connect with Dr. David Friedman

Website – FoodSanity.com

Website – DoctorDavidFriedman.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/drdavidfriedman

Twitter – @DrDavidFriedman

Instagram – @HealthRadioDoc

Podcast – To Your Good Health Radio


  • [02:15] – Dr. Friedman explains how he left his audience confused in the past.
  • [03:17] – The suggested foods have changed.
  • [04:59] – A herniated disc helped Dr. Friedman realize food controls our bodies.
  • [06:30] – Dr. Friedman explains his flexitarian diet.
  • [08:43] – Plastics are everywhere!
  • [11:52] – Your shower curtain could be making you fat!
  • [13:24] – A listener asks about the foods that cause inflammation.
  • [14:40] – Another listener asks about turmeric and thyme.
  • [15:32] – Dr. Friedman talks about cannabis oil.
  • [17:10] – Jason asks about cortisol.
  • [19:28] – Dr. Friedman walks us through the food he consumes on a normal day.
  • [20:32] – We have cravings because our body needs things. Chocolate helps you lose weight!
  • [21:48] – 90% of salmon is farm-raised, and that’s not good!
  • [22:55] – We discuss intermittent fasting.
  • [25:00] – Getting off gluten isn’t necessary.
  • [27:59] – Dr. Friedman explains why 95% of people who lose weight gain it back.
  • [30:19] – Dr. Friedman talks about working with John Travolta.
  • [32:18] – Rye bread is the best bread you can eat.
  • [35:00] – Probiotics is great, but make sure it’s certified.


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  1. Pamela

    Salmon is not good.. it runs by the farmed fish. And get leukemia and lice. By passing them 🙄 it’s in YouTube by Science in Canada. Made me want to 🤮 puke..
    they tested the Salmon here sold has both of these junk in them.. and your eating it? No way!



  1. Shemane Deziel Nugent Rocks: Everything You Didn’t Know - Biid.org - […] Presenter and Zumba Jammer. There, she video blogs about issues such as Women’s Empowerment, Food Safety, and inspires others…

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